Monday 21st September, 2009
A vision of the end of the world on the aeroplane to Arlanda: British Airways' GPS screen just showing a blue screen with NORTH SEA in the middle of it; and outside only clouds, so all that could be seen was a bright featureless luminous whiteness, cutting the world inside the fuselage off completely from the world outside it. Maybe the end will come as an all-pervading luminous mist, thicker and thicker, dividing everything from everything else until one is alone; and then dividing oneself from oneself, part by part, in reducing awareness until there is no self left to experience, and no world left outside for it to experience either.
posted by Rob Mitchelmore, 00:54 (anchor)
Thursday 17th September, 2009
A brief review of the final of the tournament BWC season held in Waltham Chase on Sunday 30th August 2009.

Final scores were:

Rob Monil but enlightened. Drawn on by himself.
Ian269+6i. Drawn on by Rob Mo. Lactose intolerant.
Toby96+6i-5j. Drawn on by Rob Mo while gloved.
Rob Mi483+6i. Wearing one sock due to iconoclasm. Half a king.
Jimmy5+7i but +8 against rodents.
Emma2-765i. Underwent 90 degree rotation.

Some game highlights:

posted by Rob Mitchelmore, 12:38 (anchor)
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