Wednesday 13th October, 2010
A hallucination: The floor tears like paper and he screams. Every change in tone becomes another mouth as it leaves his, and they float around him like moths with lips cold, feathery and hungry. One takes a hefty bite from just below his left eyesocket. He jolts, but one of his ody remains where it was, and another follows his proprioception upwards and then cannot re-merge, so his back is lying on his torso, and his heads lie next to each other. He slides towards the rip in the floor which is now the wall through which a dark wind blows in C minor, withering the tiny sweet golden meanings which had fruited from the cactus by the side of the bed. He reaches up with one of his four arms and hurls a notebook at the circling lips; they gibber and vomit onto its pages reams of aromatic blasphemy, then devour the cactus and one of his spatial dimensions, so he is trapped flat against the wall. He feels it rip, again, behind him. He lets out a howl as heavy as Jupiter. His heart hiccoughs.
posted by Rob Mitchelmore, 19:03 (anchor)
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