Thursday 19th January, 2012
You have fallen in love with me.
To the wind shall I scatter you.
Listen to me.
I warn you now, build up no hopes,
Believe me, I shall destroy you.
Listen to me.

If, like the bee and the ant, you now
Were to build two hundred houses,
Oh, I shall still make you homeless,
Oh, I shall still make you lonely.
Listen to me.

For me, you are like a dead bird
Held in my hand, at hunting time.
And I, the hunter, will make you
A lure for all the other birds.
Listen to me.

You are guardian of a treasure,
Oh, just like a sleeping serpent,
And you shall see; I shall make you
Spin around like that sleepy snake.
Listen to me.

— Rumi

posted by Rob Mitchelmore, 02:15 (anchor)
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