“Our logic is full of holes...
I can see the bubbles.”
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void* Randomness ( )
/* How are you gentlemen? All your James Joyce are belong to us! */
/* November 26, 2002 */
/* Read it. Skip the techie bits if you don't want to write a CSS decrypter ;) but read the bits that are poetic. Genius. Alas, anonymous. */
/* November 22, 2002 */
/* "The winner of the Specialty section was Jean Dewar with a dish of oatmeal and crushed meringue topped with raspberries and raspberry coulis."

Telling comment of the day: "Remember: Sometimes the world is different from how the IT examiners see it." */
/* November 21, 2002 */
/* I just did the Learning Styles assessment/test/thingy which I have been exhorted to do. I am damn' near positive that the correct thing to do is to think hard about what they're asking you to do. Not: that button image looks familiar ... those fades look familiar ... can it be, no, yes it bloody well is (pull down the "File" menu and see "Compact Stack") HyperCard?! The point of HyperCard is that it looks better than PowerPoint, not similar... Consistency is an unknown quantity for these people, I do feel...

But HyperCard it was - and under a Windows runtime I've not seen before.

Gah Learning Styles. It said I had difficulty writing ;).

{Update} Oh, and welcome to the end of the age of the informed consumer. Possibly rather too optimistic to assume such an age ever existed in the first place. People like the EFF are trying, but the simple fact remains that they won't "win" because most people just can't be bothered to do the right thing. There is no future in information. Your only hope is to become as dull as possible as quickly as possible. Then move to the Moon, and take up breeding flying pigs. */
/* November 20, 2002 */
/* "Struck down by a hairbrush in the prime of his years..."
"He's a sodding penguin!"

In maths, Chris Rooke informed us that his alternative career was James Bond - cue altogether unwelcome and horribly plausible scenarios of Chris Rooke as the baddie......

"And so we can throw out the alternative hypothesis. Goodbye, Mr. Bond."

.... whereupon he gets thrown off the top of a high building into a piranha tank while the esteemed Mr. Rooke demonstrates how to work out where he'll land on the board....

Of course, only those people who have had him for maths will know this from experience. */
/* November 19, 2002 */
/* "... and he said unto them, 'Any of you lot want Fair Oak?', but they said him No; whereupon he twiddled the white handle on the ceiling so that the bus was no longer the 48C, but a Different Animal - a 48D, "Not In Service"... "

Why Solent Blue Line seemed quite so biblical this morning I know not. But they did, in that curious state of mind that arrives at about 7:30 of a Tuesday morning.

Were fed the usual comforting gumpf in maths about we being those who will take the country forward. Bollocks to that. We are those who will be ignored while the politicians take the country everbackwards eventually into the dark quiet of death... */
/* November 18, 2002 */
/* Back from the Island today.

On the cat(amaran) - for some reason a cool draught always across my face from right to left, bringing with it an exotic whiff of ... egg ... for some reason.

Most random impulse for ages, too... had to resist asking man sitting across the aisle from me if he was Bernard Cribbins or no - resisted without much effort, however. I've always been a coward. But, I mean - when he spoke - the most outrageously camp version thereof possible, I'm convinced...

The cat (feline, not nautical) was getting in the way earlier. Standing in the way. "By thy old grey beard and glittering eye" (not really appropriate for an aging feline moggy, I do admit) "Now wherefore stopst thou me?" Pussycat?

Pussico, pussicas, pussicat... pussicamus, pussicatis, pussicant.

That made no sense at all. Been a good day then. */
/* November 15, 2002 */
/* "Go to, go to - you may not be exported to the European Union, you may not apply to you."

I'm still alive. I'm back on the Island. Until Sunday.

So, just a couple of random thoughts:

Point the first. The Brainfuck language is totally buggered. The basic premise of the language is that you have a memory space and a "pointer" (which stores where you're currently looking at in that memory space), and you can move back and forth and subtract and add to the number your currently looking at - and you can repeat a series of instructions until the number that you're looking at at the end of the series is nought. That's it. When you run off the start of the array, anything can happen; likewise the end. But you can never find out where you're looking at - you can only ever see the one thing, not where it sits within the whole. And it is this that introduces the paradox.

There are two fixed points, the beginning and the end of the memory space; and a floating point, that it is impossible to know the fixed location of. In other words, it's damn' near impossible to know when you're about to fall off the end or the beginning of the array.

Point being: either the memory space should be considerable to be infinite in either direction (and no, wrapping won't do) or the language should be modified to allow for jumps.

The second point is Diana being number 2 in the "Great Britons" poll. I mean, this is why democracy doesn't work. Because most people are stupid. And I'm sorry to say it, but it's the truth - the only reason Brunel came out above "it" is because Jeremy Clarkson did the programme.

I want to leave the human race. Bastards. */
/* November 7, 2002 */
/* Partly why I like B-P is that I can do it in emotional neutral; while I'm actually here, I don't have to feel at all. I've had enough of feeling. I'm glad that I'm able to give thought another go.

In addition, the backspace key on this keyboard doesn't work very well, and ^H in IE doesn't do a backspace as it ought, it opens the history. Gah Microsoft.

{Update} Of late I seem to be treating database design more as a martial art rather than anything else - the table/object designs I'm working on now can only really be classified as "fu". Things like that aren't meant to have closed loops in. Ah well. Wotthehell. My Data Flow Diagram had the words "Here be dragons" in the corner... */
/* November 2, 2002 */
/* "You are in DERBY. You are standing next to NELSON'S COLUMN. Around your feet are many ninja'd SEAGULLs and a SOLDERING IRON. A mended PASTRAMI lies nearby. A SEAGULL is tied to NELSON'S COLUMN with yet more PASTRAMI. There is much broken glass."

I am also no longer resident on THE ISLAND, if we're following ancient capitalisation conventions... */
return 0;

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