“Our logic is full of holes...
I can see the bubbles.”
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void* Randomness ( )
/* How are you gentlemen? All your James Joyce are belong to us! */
/* August 30, 2003 */
/* It rained today.

The drops suicided from the clouds onto the pavement, and fell into the cool lover's embrace of the green grass...

The sound delineated the textures on the ground, and took all the heat from it...

I was going to post what love is here, but I need to think about it more. */
/* August 26, 2003 */
/* Sometimes I even dream that I'm alive ... and it strikes me as possible that when I think I take a breath, maybe I actually do...

A long time ago, I had a very distinct line between dreaming and reality.

Then, a little time later, it ceased to be quite so distinct.

A little time later than that, I ceased caring whether it was distinct or not.

Now, I don't tend to dream. Unless I dream that I'm alive. */
/* August 19, 2003 */
/* Jimmy thinks this site is dying, I think.

He may have a point. His has gone walkies.

Insights from work:

One, capitalism is boring. It is mind-numbingly dull. I have a proposal to rectify the situation. It involves giving "money" an extra value axis, turning it from a rather depressingly linear one dimension into a pleasingly spacious two. To make things even more interesting, consider wrapping this space around a sphere, or better a torus, to really screw over the heads of the economists and the accountants.

If I ever run a country, the primary currency will be the Riemann Dollar.

Two, when a transaction totals in a particularly beautiful number, be it a prime or palindrome or just a nice number, why do people always use credit cards? How am I meant to gloat over prime factorisation when I'm not allowed to count change?

Three, in a situation where there are several tills, can we please, please tune their beeps to different pitches? I suggest a C Major Ninth in the case of the co-op - this means that one can instantly tell which till beeps came from, and whose imperious bell summoned the manager.

Fourthly, men who arrive in groups of seven or eight, buy industrial quantities of food and one jar of vaseline worry me.

Fifthly, I've been working at the supermarket too long already. I don't mind it, but I think it's starting to affect my head... */
/* August 17, 2003 */
/* Woot.

I'm into Durham Uni. */
/* August 9, 2003 */
/* I want to move to Iceland.

I want to do it Now. */
/* August 8, 2003 */
/* The people who do the data input at work must have a wonderfully cavalier attitude to the common apostrophe, or tick:

For a start, some of the signage refers to "Gawdrons Retreat" or something, when the wine itself has a possessive - the resulting exhortation, or instruction, or whatever, being somewhere up there with "Finnegans Wake" as a dubious suggestion...

And the "RADIO TIME'S", as it shows up in the System - I mean, really. The Radiotime's what? Enquiring minds wish to know! I don't think I can hold in the need to know any more!

I like PURE ORNAGE though.

I've added a small disclaimer to the bottom of each page as a kind of note. This is all my opinion, and whereas I do try to "love my fellow man" [not like that, jimmy, put that ratchet-driven milking machine down] I am aware that some people just irritate me beyond all belief.

Now, all that I've said stands. In my opinion. That last phrase is the key.

In my opinion.

If anyone thinks I should supress that opinion, that's a different matter. If so, leave a cheery message in the guestbook. I will get back to you.

I know who you are already, I think. */
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