“Our logic is full of holes...
I can see the bubbles.”
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/* How are you gentlemen? All your James Joyce are belong to us! */
/* February 28, 2004 */
/* Goodbye, Steve. You will be greatly missed, more so than I can sensibly say - the university, the town, and erisoc all seem a little greyer for your absence. God bless. I've nothing else to say. */
/* February 15, 2004 */
/* I had a really smart-arse page up here yesterday, but unfortunately for most of the day the DNS was misbehaving, so you wouldn't have seen it anyway. Ho hum.

It's odd. I'd imagined freedom as having some kind of epiphany, or failing that a "game over" screen and a big score indication, or something.

I'd never imagined it as involving pringles. But some things are like that. And tomorrow is just another monday. This story isn't even nearly over. */
/* February 10, 2004 */
/* These days I don't really keep pets much... they tend to get in the way - I've found an ideal solution to this that also keeps me company on long nights is my flock of paradux, which are a kind of non-euclidean mallard. I keep them on the surface of a beach ball in the corner of my room, which is suspended in mid-air by the bernoulli effect courtesy of a heavily modified vacuum cleaner. They make a kind of muted dopplered quacking noise, which is very soothing, and which can usually be heard over the deep-throated roar of the fan in the cleaner. To clean them out, it is merely necessary to move them towards the top of the ball with a gentle finger then wipe the bottom of the ball with a sponge soaked in vinegar. Unfortunately, I may have to let them go. My supplier of poly-dimensional bird seed is running out, and doesn't know when he'll get any more... */
/* February 4, 2004 */
/* [[ There was a divine revelation on Cardiac Hill the other night, although I don't know to whom it happened. He was kneeling on the side of the hill - it was only through the angle from which I was viewing him that I could see him at all - and had his hands at his feet. He didn't move much for some time.

Just as I was considering whether to move on, he began to stand up very slowly, holding an electric torch in one hand. His face was frozen in a blank&sad look of disbelief, and his body didn't seem to bend at all. It was all in his legs as he rose to a standing position. The trick was in the knees. He brought the torch up, and I could see his face in more detail. His mouth began to smile, although his eyes didn't change - when his lips were in a kind of half-smile they froze again. He stood like that for some little time.

Many heartbeats later he dropped the torch. It made a cracking noise as it hit the ground, and it went out. He dropped to his knees, his smile gone, strange white light coming from the grass in front of him, which slowly faded. He began to sob slowly and moved his fists so that they covered his eyes, then fell forward until his face was on the ground.

There was a divine revelation last night on Cardiac Hill ... ]]

(fyi, this is fiction. Don't panic.) */
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