“Our logic is full of holes...
I can see the bubbles.”
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/* How are you gentlemen? All your James Joyce are belong to us! */
/* October 26, 2004 */
/* The great RPC project, Part Two: RFX (Remote Functional eXpressions). It has an X in it because 'X' is a cool and trendy letter. Sigh.

This is a (roughly) s-expression based RPC solution, which makes heavy use of both unix pipes and parantheses. Today I worked on the IDL for this project, which is called LIDL. I think I can get away with this name, because it and the supermarket are in totally different areas of whatzit.

The LIDL interpreter is written in scheme and at present generates java; I've got the section that generates a java server (web or socket-based, it doesn't matter to the server) and assorted utility classes more or less finished, and the java support classes are well on the way.

More news soon. */
/* October 25, 2004 */
/* I think I may set up a new project: sane-rpc. For those of us who want RPC but don't want to wade through umpteen thousand pages of java-enhanced buzzword-compliant w3c-endorsed meaningless shit. I particularly like the way the java-heads have found s-expressions in the form of xml and are acting like they've found a deity - rebranding it with X this and acronym that and cool the other. The only reason open standards are good is because you can see how dreadful they are, while closed standards remain the subject of horrible conjecture. These XML trendy standards are an example. All standards defined by people will be unpleasant and ultimately unusable.

I dislike people. They want me to do a group project soon.

Insert psychotic laughter here.

Remember: Baloney Baffles Brains */
/* October 10, 2004 */
/* I wonder if the guy who designed this deeply pretentious and overdesigned mouse had any particular anatomical features in mind?

It's amusing that his 'eros' chair (not linking to him, don't want to give him any more publicity than he has from linking up to the well-known masters of good taste, perpetrators of the tellytubby UI, holders of the US government's testicles Microsoft) is pretty much the only thing he's done that *doesn't* look like a sexual organ of some description. */
return 0;

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