“Our logic is full of holes...
I can see the bubbles.”
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/* How are you gentlemen? All your James Joyce are belong to us! */
/* June 19, 2005 */
/* And now for your regularly scheduled pretentious pseudo-philosophical rubbish:

How many kinds of consciousness are there? I mean, to me, to look at something is to question it, but being aware of the fallacy of going from the specific top the general, I am loath to push this onto all and sundry; and looking around makes me feel that it can't be accurate for all. So how is it possible to see the world without questioning everything in it? How can you notice something without doubting it?

Answers on a postcard to the usual dustbin ;). */
/* June 7, 2005 */
/* Well, with one great big thumping noise, Apple have managed to end this day even more boring than they started it. Which is quite an achievement for a company that as far as I can see have managed to produce one interesting feature (Exposé) out of an entire line of Operating Systems.

It just seems a bit of a shame that "interesting" has continually given way to merely "cool". Most people seem to have loved OS X the first time they used it; I honestly can't see why, even now. At the time, we'd just installed 10.0 on an iMac - and my first reaction was more or less "this is it?" - as it seemed then to be NetBSD with pointless shiny bits. To be fair, it has progressed slightly since then - it's now FreeBSD with pointless shiny bits. Whoop de do.

And now they're no longer a RISC desktop vendor. One more point for boredom.

I think it's the silliest thing that's keeping me on apple now - and that's that the menu bar is at the top of the screen. That - and, irritatingly, Final Cut - is the only thing keeping me on MacOS.

I'm tempted to have another hack around inside Basilisk II - by the way, if anyone wants working Ethernet on Basilisk II for MacOS X, email me, as I've got it working and submitted a patch back - and see if I can come up with a kind of "Classic for *NIX" or something, as most of the Mac software I run is pre-PowerPC, let alone pre-OS X.

Ho hum. */
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