“Our logic is full of holes...
I can see the bubbles.”
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void* Randomness ( )
/* How are you gentlemen? All your James Joyce are belong to us! */
/* August 30, 2005 */
/* Reasons I love UNIX, no. 654:

{ cat scrabblescores | sed 's/ /\//' | sed 's/$/ + \/g" | \\/' | sed 's/^/sed "s\//' > sc1.sh && echo 'cat WORD.LST | \' > sc2.sh && cat sc1.sh >> sc2.sh && echo cat >> sc2.sh; } && { . sc2.sh > sc3.res; } && { cat sc3.res | tr -d "\r" | sed s/$/0/g | bc > scores; } && paste WORD.LST scores | tr -d "\r" > scores.txt && cat scores.txt | grep 27 > 27.txt */
/* August 17, 2005 */
/* # uname -a
A/UX euridice 3.0.1 SVR2 mc68040

Well, it's installed ;) Not only that, but MacX also seems to work. Unfortunately have no ethernet cabling here to attempt to network it; will try to obtain some to see. */
/* August 2, 2005 */
/* I seem to forget little things - like:

When I'm here, at night, the lights from capsicum and twiglet and aderat and the switch glint off the semi-gloss paint of the door and make little reflections and semireflections and streaks and rings of red and green and amber... they look like christmas lights. */
return 0;

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