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/* How are you gentlemen? All your James Joyce are belong to us! */
/* November 13, 2005 */
/* Well, the new version of adium is crap. Fortunately, it wasn't difficult to revert to a version that's actually usable; but even the lure of OTR encryption doesn't make up for the following:

  • Growl. The first growl notification that popped up froze adium and - for some reason - System Preferences solid for about two minutes, while it sat there being semitransparent and failing to do anything at all. It also takes up large amounts of screen space that I was actually using for something else at the time, rather than just appearing in the dock. Growl went to the wastebasket.

  • Broken Tabs. The numeric Cmd+digit shortcuts no longer work for the first four contacts, for some reason. The bug in the bugtracking system is marked as closed, unfixed, and unassigned, as far as I can see, and nobody has the slightest interest in it. There's some waffle about it being a colour wheel issue, but surely that's invalidated by the fact that it works perfectly as expected in the old version? (0.7something).

  • Extraneous Cruft. The contact window list is considerably more crufty than it needs to be; it has a status dropdown at the top that is unnecessary and as far as I can see cannot be turned off.

  • Toolbars. There appear to be encryption features that are only accessible from menus available in dropdown from the toolbar, and not from the menubar itself. I may be wrong on this one, I was too busy trying not to gouge my own eyes out.

  • Default Theme. The default theme looks like something out of a 1970s bathroom, and the 'retro' theme is no longer available. I would try to fix the retro theme, were it not for the above points making the whole 'upgrade' experience so unpleasant that there was no point.

This is quite apart from the fact that they appear to have broken the design of the connection system. I have no illusions that anyone is actually going to read this rant; but I was just amazed at how accurately they managed to remove all of the features and facets of the program that I actually used. I don't think I'll be bothering to upgrade any further. */
return 0;

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