Tuesday 29th January, 2013
The courtship of The Fire-Under-Water and Gale (Part 1):

In the water - phosphorescence.
Night again. A watching light.
and she walks along the shore,
the claysoaked shore, by moonlight
to be on her own, exploring the
fresh landslips.The clay
The clay
is liquid and she feels it around
her feet.
dissolves and he tastes it in the
rollers. He can feel her feet on
the sand where the sea meets the
beach. He shifts his attention
into the creatures which live in
the rock-pools are shining and still.
The river runs over the beach and
the rock-pools.
trickles into them.She walks to
the nearest rock pool and looks in.
She walks to
the nearest rock pool and looks in.
Several tiny eyes crane upwards.
Compound and simple individually.
She starts back at the sudden
movement so her shadow moves
quickly over the surface of the
She starts back.
water.She shivers,
feeling momentarily watched; she
She shivers,
walks away.
walks away. He waits.she she she
There is salt in the air.
The moon sets.
The waves rise.


posted by Rob Mitchelmore, 22:01 (anchor)