Saturday 16th March, 2013
A terrible film idea:

"gilga:mesh" - a cyberpunk retelling of the Babylonian epic. Think "Troy meets Tron".

Gilga, a rogueish AI entity with a twinkle in his eye, travels the length and breadth of the computer network with Enkidu, a piece of malware with a heart of gold. They have zany adventures in their quest to have their runtime infinitely extended. Highlights include: dreaming terrifying dreams about a certain open source e-mail program[1] and their encounter with Ishtar, a systems administrator who is trying to find out how to have sex with AIs and leaves a trail of broken software behind her. Gilga finally tracks down Ut-Napishtim, an AI whose runtime was infinitely extended, and who looks like a cross between Saruman and your average beardy UNIX systems administrator. Gilga asks him how he had his processor limits revoked and is infuriated to find that the answer is "By accident." In a shock twist ending, it emerges that this is all a mandatory VR simulation to help people come to terms with their own mortality. The film ends with Gil, an office worker, freaking out over his own inevitable death; before he'd gone into the simulation he'd never even worried about it.

[1] For those of you reading along at home, this is on tablet four of the standard Akkadian twelve-tablet version.

posted by Rob Mitchelmore, 20:01 (anchor)