Ghazal: "Quiet"
A ghazal is a poem composed of independent couplets which share a refrain and a rhyme (immediately before the refrain), unified thematically. They are usually about loss, love and separation.
Bright laughter of the river in this quiet;
He dangles feet in water, in his quiet.

The thin and frozen mist, the morning light;
The calls of homebound geese in breathless quiet.

My Lady wears her clothes of words well-ironed;
Language is the robe she wears, Miss Quiet.

A Godly silence; limestone in the night,
Electric blue and golden stained-glass quiet.

We trip the light syntactic, waves down fibre;
A solitude of numbers, pulses, quiet.

Rob is an abstraction, bits and bytes:
Water, Carbon, Iron. Noise, hiss, quiet.