A Modern Ozymandias
This is a tribute/parody/pastiche on Shelley's Ozymandias; it will probably make more sense if you read that poem first.
A traveller from a distant land
Came to me, in his hand
A beer mat.

He said: "Far, so far away
Where desert's scorched by light of day
A land lies.

It was a land of marsh and fen
A pleasant land, and then
The wind changed.

A statue stands, fourteen feet high,
A bid for immortality
Which failed

Inscribed with: 'I am King of Kings
Of an empire full of useless things
But impressive;

Look and despair, who would have might,
The ambitious, whether wrong or right.
I was first.'

But of his empire rich and grand
Nothing but litter on the sand

He left me then, I thought he was drunk
When he fell over slowly, singing Nunc